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Nomana Angelo

"Your actions are based on your minds perception of who you think you are"

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  • Do you have hesitate taking action because you feel someone or something is holding you back?

  • Do you have a vision and the knowledge to succeed but, feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start?

  • Do you visualize taking your success to the next level but having trouble following through because you're  comfortable exactly where you are in life?

  • Do you dream up ideas for success that just makes sense to you but you talk yourself out of taking action?

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My Story

Experienced Success Coach

At the age of 24 Nomana launched a construction company with two partners. Through discipline and hard work the trio were able to build a successful business completing major projects in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Hawaii. After four successful years a series of events led the business into bankruptcy.

Nomana decided to move the family back to Hawaii for a fresh start on life. After several years of struggling to find his way, Nomana decided to start a new journey as an apprentice working with the largest industrial employer in Hawaii. After a few years Nomana began feeling entitled and started blaming certain leaders for holding him back from moving up the ranks. It was at that time that Nomana attended leadership training as well as sought out advice and feedback from a coach. Through the training and coaching Nomana was able to change his perspective and became one of the top leaders in the organization.

Over the past 7 years Nomana has been chosen to lead three different divisions in which he had very little technical knowledge of, but by using a blend of his values and principles based leadership style as well as a scientific based coaching method Nomana was able to improve employee engagement and performance by improving the culture of the organizations.

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Sat on the Rocks


Sometimes people ask Nomana the question, “Who’s your ideal coaching client?”  Or, “As a coach… who do you do your best work with?”  
When they do, they’ll quickly find that he doesn’t offer a list of roles, titles, industries or types of people. Nah, He paints a vivid picture of his ideal by simply saying.
"I work with fun loving young and experienced Leaders
who are on the road that’s brought them that success, 
But they find themselves not taking the necessary actions to continue down that road because they constantly run into road blocks that knock them off course or bring them to a screeching halt.
BUT they understand that deep down… 
in their heart of hearts… 
they want to KNOW they’re on the right road, 
so they can stomp the gas and go!”

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