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What Clients Are Saying

At first I was reluctant to work with a coach, but working with Nomana has helped me to create deeper connections with my peers by raising my vibration. He taught me that having a high frequency and phenomenal focus was important for me as a leader. This has changed my life as I now surround myself with successful people who push me to reach my goals.

Kia'i Keone
Quarterback Skyridge High School
Lehi Utah

A Leader needs a coach, it just makes sense. One reason I'm glad I worked with Nomana was he gave me a different perspective to help me collaborate with other training divisions to develop the best product for the people and the organization.

Kamuela Unga
Department Training Coordinator

At first I was reluctant to work with a coach, but Nomana helped me to release my internal barriers.
One of the biggest breakthroughs Nomana helped me with was realizing my full potential. I stopped complaining and blaming external sources and was able to hone in on my internal capabilities. I have been able to pursue my goals and find a balance between aspirations and fulfillment with life.

Lance Cabanilla-Ku
Program Analyst
Performance Improvement Department

One reason I'm glad I worked with Nomana was his ability to make me feel valuable and important. His commitment to me and my goals is undeniable and amazing. Such a great feeling to have him on my side. Working with Nomana has helped me to see huge possibilities in my life. I have the confidence and the tools to reach my goals and beyond. My positive mindset is noticeable by other people and Nomana is directly responsible for that.

 One of the biggest breakthroughs Nomana helped me realize was helping me to believe in myself. The power of the Mind is so intense and Nomana has showed me that with my mindset, I can accomplish anything. He holds me accountable for my goals and sets expectations for me to achieve them. Overall I would highly recommend Nomana, as your success coach. His coaching and mentor has changed my life for the better without a doubt.

Maka Keone
Continuous Training Development Manager.
Lifting and Handling Department

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